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                                Hike in the Mountains 

The Hike in The Mountains was like no other. We climbed to the top of the Santa Monica Mountains to Mt. Allen (Sandstone Peak). We covered 6 miles and sat on the rock 3111 feet above sea level. What a great group of Fitness By Maggie Family members. Just a little shy of our largest group and everyone had a great time! The next one is ramping up to be even better. Sunday August 23rd @ 0830. Be There. 

Really New !!

Maggie asks, "What if you could perform an exercise which was a non-impact, weight-bearing, good for the knees and feet, great cardio workout, suitable for all ages, helped increase both flexibility and strength, and was just great fun…", would you try it?

I think the answer would be yes and does she have one for you!

Fitness By Maggie is now offering special classes in Belly Dancing. Yes! Learn this fascinating, ancient Middle-Eastern dance and learn it from someone who has developed a unique talent of infusing ‘fitness’ into the dance routines. She does not stop. And, after you finish the hour-long class, you will be begging for more of this fun.

Maggie has engaged the services of Anita Adami, who she thinks will put a smile on your face and ‘make your day’! In Anitia’s own words:

"I’m 24 years old and from London, England. As a child I loved to dance and I started learning with the traditional Persian dance in
my own home. As I grew older I started to practice Belly Dancing as a teenager. My lifelong love for dance, music and culture has prompted me to explore and teach the art of Belly Dance. My Persian background has allowed me to form a style that is uniquely my own, and my love for fitness makes this dance class different from all others. I construct the dance in the form of a fitness workout, where you will acquire the moves to perform the dance while getting your fair share of exercise. You will learn to Belly Dance with a twist – burning a lot of calories, have a great time, and by the end of the class you'll feel like a beautiful women with rally great dance moves."

Classes are comprised of 4 dancers and are an hour long. Maggie has made the pricing very affordable and if you choose to have private lessons, she can arrange that as well.

Maggie and Anita look forward to seeing   you on the the dance floor. Just call Maggie @ 805-443-1329 or email to set up a class time.

Sugar, Yum Yum

I am sure everyone knows the destructive effect sugar can have on our bodies. Go ahead, admit it. You do, yet it tastes soooo goooood! With the alarming rate of diabetes now starting much earlier in life and affecting many of our children, I want to give you a few thoughts on this subject. Hopefully it will answer some of the questions you may have about natural vs. artificial sugars. With all the warning signs, we tend to disregard sugars’ impact and deny that the disastrous effects could happen to us. When we eat sugar in any form; food, drink, and any food containing sugar, it ferments in our system and causes the formation of acetic acid, carbonic acid and alcohol. Not good. Sugar also causes damage to our gums and teeth and since we were children, our dental professionals have been warning us. Pyorrhea and other mouth diseases do not come on overnight. They are progressive diseases and are the result of excessive use of sugar and starchy foods over the preceding years.

When we discuss the harmful affect of sugar, we are talking about the manufactured kind, I.E. white, brown, raw and other kinds including molasses and maple sugar. They have all been processed with heat and the white kind is the worst, since it is usually "refined" with the use of sulfuric acid. The only sugar that provides value to our system is the sugar found in raw fruits, honey, and vegetables (when raw). They contain natural sugars and is called ‘fruit sugar.’   

Sugar not only is harmful by itself, but when added to sugar, the chemical action of their digestion is changed and generates excessive acid in the body. Fruits are cleansers of our bodies, even those which are acid to the taste have an alkaline reaction in the system.

In summary, let me lecture you a bit… Please stop and think before you put sugar in your mouth. I want you to become a more conscious consumer. We have all been blessed with the gift of life and a marvelous vessel in which to live. We chose to treat it any way we want. I know that eating is an emotional act and can sometimes be the source other issues in our life. The more knowledge we have and with more cleansing of the mind, we create a better connection with our body. Let’s live better and healthier without the bad sugars.

From the Heart, Maggie

Rattlesnakes !

               Maggie wants you to be safe when she is not around 
               and when she is she will take care of any snakes herself
               when she is with you - right!!

Well, they strike fear in our hearts. They keep a lot of people from hiking on the trails. I have seen them on our trails and you will too! They are mysterious, misunderstood, dangerous, and demand respect. Hollywood has done a lot to instill rattlesnake fear in us. What more can I say, except they are out there and we need to be careful. Let me tell you some facts and figures and what to do in the unlikely event you are bitten. Ouch!!

  • About 7-8000 people get bitten by a rattlesnake in the U.S annually and less than 10 of those die. More people die from wasp and bee stings than from snakebites.
  • Rattlesnakes are not aggressive and do not want to get in your way. The rattle as a warning ‘Don’t come any closer’
  • Rattlesnakes are cold-blooded and have a temperature range of around 70 – 85 degrees. They will die if they stay in the sun to long.
  • The most venomous rattlesnake in the US is the Mohave Rattlesnake and yes, it is found in Southern California although rarely
  • Only 25% of rattlesnake bites result in envenomation – they are ‘dry’ bites.
  • A rattlesnake can strike a distance of roughly two-thirds of there size. Keep your distance. Note: They do not have to be coiled up to strike!
  • They are deaf and detect their prey by feeling vibrations – stomp your feet!

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts.

DON’T put your hands of feet anywhere you cannot see. Be aware and have a ‘walking stick’ with you to make vibrations as you walk.

If bitten, STAY CALM as you do not want the venom to ‘speed ‘ thru your system.

Keep the bite area lower than the heart. There will be pain and swelling in the area of the bite. If the bite is not followed by severe continual pain, it is probably not venomous; a dry bite.

General symptoms are rapid pulse and difficulty breathing, nausea and vomiting, vision problems, progressive general weakness. Not all the symptoms need be present.  

CALL FOR HELP or send someone. The faster you get to the anti-venom the better. Do not use anything that will thin the blood as you want to contain the venom. If the victim has to walk out, sit calmly for 20-30 minutes to let the venom localize at the site, proceed calmly to the nearest source of help and try to avoid unnecessary exertion which will stimulate circulation of the poison.

DO NOT cut the bite. DO NOT apply a tourniquet. NEVER try to suck out the venom by mouth or with a suction kit. DO NOT apply cold and/or ice packs.

AND, DO NOT try and handle the snake. Most bites occur when people think they are Jeff Corwin!

From the Heart,    Maggie


Here is the answer – if you are going to be totally fit and attain your desired weight, starch and grains have to be severely limited. This applies to white flour, white rice, pasta, and all white bread. Basically, any starch you eat must be 100% whole grain (sprouted variety) and brown or wild rice. I don’t expect you to eliminate all starches from your eating regimen overnight, but you better start right now.  After telling you what to do, let me tell you why. Plainly said, starch interferes with our total health and well-being. Starch is not soluble in water and may cause impaction (hardening) of the liver. It can also cause stones to form in the gall bladder and the kidneys, ouch! It is also why the blood coagulates unnaturally in the blood vessels and capillaries and forms hemorrhoids, tumors, cancers and other abnormalities throughout the system.


Since starch molecules are not soluble in water, they travel thru the blood and lymph streams as  solid molecules which the cells, tissues and glands of the body cannot easily utilize, therefore the body tries to expel them. Once the eliminative organs become afflicted with an accumulation of these starch molecules, as a lining of their walls, they cannot be expelled thru the normal elimination channels. The next best means of exit is thru the pores of the skin and which creates pimples. Rest assured, Mother Nature has again provided us with help. Those nasty germs more freely attack starchy matter than almost any other substance in the body. Consequently they help us by breaking down an accumulation of starch molecules into pus substances which are more easily expelled thru the skin. With all this being said, no wonder that no healing or desired health can be achieved without the cleansing of the accumulated waste matter. We can help our system by eliminating starchy foods from our diet. By elimination or the limiting of starchy foods and by eating and drinking what nature has intended for us to eat, we are not only cleaning the past accumulated buildup, we are also improving our future good physical and mental condition.


Here’s a great suggestion - By incorporating into our daily eating routines fresh organic vegetable juices, which are the body builders, and fruit juices, which are body cleansers, we have created the ability to speed up the elimination of waste matter. Vegetable juices and fruit juices are not interchangeable - they each serve a purpose. When juices are canned, processed, preserved or pasteurized, they become lifeless and lose their vital nutritional value. Therefore, it is important that fruits and vegetables be raw, fresh and if available, organic. Ok, this month’s lecture is almost over. Let us all be kinder to our bodies and remember it is the ONLY body we are going to have for the rest of our life (even though medical miracles occur every day). Our body is a gift given to us by a higher power and, as such, we need to treat it the best we can. The Fitness By Maggie Board of Advisors and myself will be with you every step of the way. Just email or call us with any of your questions.

From the Heart,    Maggie

What Is Emotional Eating?  

 Emotional eating is an attempt to fill the emptiness that one feels inside with food even when one is not physically hungry, or taking more food than the body needs to maintain itself. This action leads the heart and soul into more disappointment and helplessness in relieving the emotional pain and filling the void inside. Self hatred and hating the world and many more dark feelings could follow.
Food like drugs or alcohol can be used as a coping mechanism for dealing with emotional distress, anxiety, fear and pain. Obsession with food can be used as means of distraction from facing the deeper or more distressing issues in life. The correct response to emotional eating lies in the process of discovery and dealing with one’s emotional wounds where eventually they could no longer take complete control of the individual’s moods and actions.
The first step is to treat the real source of emotional pain, and in later stages of recovery -when the individual is stronger and has a better sense of self- would be suggesting a fitness program. I believe one reason that most diets and programs fail is because the individual thinks the source of their problem is in their weight or how they look. They try many avenues and feel better for a while but since the ego is very wounded or not strong enough, they let go, feel hopeless and helpless and return to square one where they feel tremendous shame and lower level of self esteem............At this point what the individual really needs is support, understanding, validation, and acceptance for however they are, and as they are before any kind of healing can take place.

Sheherezad Shashaani is a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist              practicing in Ventura and Los Angeles. Her ability to understand the mental and physiological issues behind our weight, eating, appearance, and general self-esteem has brought a deeper understanding, relief from unbearable pain, and a better life to her clients. You may contact Sheherezad with any questions at .

Apple Cider Vinegar, UGH!

Maggie says, "It's a good thing!" Read more!

You all have heard me brag about what I believe are the miracles of using pure Apple Cider Vinegar. As part of my ongoing educational/nutritional tips, I would like to expand on its benefits, since I believe the more informed we are, the better we can improve our health and fitness. The following will highlight some of Apple Cider Vinegar’s wonderful benefits: 

                    •Contains high level of potassium.             
                    •Excellent source of energy.
                    •Aids in menstrual discomfort.
                    •Help in treating varicose veins.
                    •Helps to improve skin blemishes.
                    •Contributes to lowering blood pressure.

Apple Cider Vinegar (not the cheap kind made from apple cores and peeling; I recommend Bragg’s Organic, Raw, Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar), is made from whole apples, not diluted and contains malic acid, an ingredient needed in the digestive process. When talking about vinegar and its benefits, we are not talking about vinegar made by the fermentation process similar to that of wine which contains an average of 3 to 9% acetic acid, and usually some tartaric acid. Studies have shown that Acetic acid in vinegar to be a contributing factor in hardening of the liver (cirrhosis of the liver), duodenal and other intestinal ulcers. Of all vinegars used in this country, i.e. white vinegar is used most AND is the most harmful to the system. It rapidly destroys red blood corpuscles, causing anemia. It also interferes with the digestive processes; retarding them and preventing the proper assimilation of food. Such vinegar is the product of fermentation by acidity of alcoholic fluids such as fermented wine and malt liquors; these are known as wine vinegar and malt vinegar. White distilled vinegar is highly acidic and is widely used in this country. The malic acid in Apple Cider Vinegar acts as a constructive acid combining with alkaline elements and minerals in the body to produce energy and to be stored in your system as glycogen for future use. It helps in the coagulation of blood by establishing a normal menstrual flow and provides benefits to blood vessels, veins and arteries and in the building of red blood cells.It is high in potassium,an element necessary for building and storing body reserves and to help the system achieve harmony and calm. Potassium readily associates with some of the most important elements in the body, such as calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, chlorine and silicon. It can act as an antiseptic. In the presence of blemishes, even the contagious type, the use and application of apple cider vinegar directly on the skin has shown to be of great value.Of course I’m not saying that Apple Cider Vinegar is the end-all and will ‘cure’ anything, but I will say that its benefits are great. I suggest 2 teaspoons in a glass of water when you wake up in the morning. You can add a little raw honey if you choose. This can be repeated during lunch and dinner. Some of this research is from Dr. N. W. Walker and is endorsed by R. D. Pope, M.D.

By sharing with you these simple natural remedies, I am hoping to help you achieve the kind of health and vitality we all so desire. I thank my Fitness by Maggie Advisors and you’ll be seeing much, much more each month, so keep reading!

  Maggie says,

“Thank you for making ‘Cooking from the Heart’ a real great time!

Not only did we have a big turnout, I thought the food tasted pretty good, even if I do say so myself!”

Maggie conducted her first ‘cooking healthy program’ with the purpose of showing how you can prepare and eat the food Mother Nature intended you to eat and not deprive yourself of flavor and enjoyment.

If you are ready to make a change,
Maggie can help you achieve your goals!

For years Maggie Garemani has exercised like a demon and then ate the most healthy of foods as she prepared the best of dishes from the best nature  can provide. By the comments from everyone who has climbed the Southern California Mountains with her and have then experienced her gourmet cooking, she could be not only a great Physical Fitness Mentor, but a world-class chef. From a gymnastic background at the University of Illinois she has kept physical fitness at the forefront of her life and augmented her God-given talent with a nutritionally superior diet. Running marathons and hiking many miles daily while at the same time taking the time needed to cleanse her mind and reflect on life, has given her the most well-rounded lifestyle one can imagine.

Maggie’s goal is to bring her lifetime of experience to anyone who makes the commitment to change their lives.

"I will help you set goals and reach them. I don't just show you how to do an exercise; I educate you in the areas of strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and proper nutrition." 

 If you are ready to make the Committment -
You Can Change Your Life!

 Maggie will help you:

- Assess your physical condition and track changes
- Set goals
- Make a nutritional plan and learn better eating habits
- Learn proper strength training technique
- Improve endurance
- Find motivation
- Improve your appearance
- Improve your health
- Gain muscle and lose fat
- Tone your muscles
- Improve mental alertness
- Reach your goals                                                                        

                                                                    Fitness By Maggie
                                             (805) 443-1329